Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I send my customers to your showroom, will you discuss pricing?
A: We will not. We respect the confidential relationship with you and will defer any discussion about the price to you.
Q: If I send my customers to your showroom to pick out stone, can I limit their selection?
A: Absolutely. If you will let us know what choices you are giving your customers, we can reinforce that.
Q: Can I order anything in your suppliers’ brochures, even if they’re not in the showroom?
A: Yes you can, but understand that for selections that we do not stock, there will be a short delay for it to be delivered to our warehouse. We are, of course, happy to quote you on anything our suppliers carry.
Q: Do you stock everything in your suppliers’ brochures?
A: We do not. We try to manage our inventory responsibly, and that means we focus our stock on the products which our customers have chosen to offer their clients.
Q: How much warning do you need for a special order?
A: For the most part, two weeks is a safe turnaround expectation. Usually, it’s faster.